Starbucks Vanilla Cupcake

The Campaign to Preserve the Starbucks Cupcakes All Year Around

My wife Michelle loves the Starbucks cupcakes. Don't you? She likes the vanilla bean cupcake, but maybe you like the chocolate, or that strange red one that makes your face all messy.

Anyway, you may not know this, but Starbucks plans to take the cupcakes away! That's right. They consider them "seasonal" and the corporate masters at Starbucks will soon be pulling those sweet cakes right out of our hands.

We can not let that happen. We MUST not let that happen. We WILL not let that happen.

If you, like us, believe that the Starbucks cupcakes should be sold all year around, then please help us.

"How can I help?" you ask. Here's how...

1. Do it Online. Go to and register. (You don't have to give them any true information if you don't WANT to.)

Go to our idea at Starbucks and vote for it. If we get enough votes, maybe they will do it!

You can also search for other ideas and vote for them (use "cupcakes all year" and "cupcakes").


2. Write to Starbucks and tell them you want your Starbucks cupcakes all year. Write a PHYSICAL LETTER, because they pay attention to people who are willing to spend time putting words onto actual tree bits and put them in an envelope and stamp it (a love stamp would show you care, but don't let that hold you up), and then mail it. Their address is:

Starbucks Customer Relations
PO Box 3717
Seattle, WA 98124-3717


3. Call Starbucks. Their number is:

Retail Customer Relations
(800) 235-2883
Mon – Fri 5 AM – 6 PM (PST)
Sat – Sun 6 AM – 3 PM (PST)


4. Spread the word.

Tell people about Tell them if they liked the cupcakes and would like to have them all year around, they are going to have to TAKE ACTION! They are going to have to DO SOMETHING. They can't be passive consumers of "seasonal" food but will have to become proactive. You can print out these mini-flyers (opens new window with 16kb Adobe Acrobat PDF) to let people know about The Campaign.

Thank you for your support. Together, in addition to bringing democracy back to America, we can make sure we always have cupcakes. No matter what month it is.

Why we need cupcakes every month.

A word about seasonal offerings.

A special offer to any Starbucks in the Portland, Oregon area: If you keep selling the Vanilla Cupcakes, michelle will make YOUR STORE her regular daily stop (sometimes twice) for her latte, and we will both make it our regular weekend stop. And we will make note HERE that you were the ones who kept the cupcakes when corporate dropped the ball.

Thanks for all your support in this ongoing cupcake battle.

Charlie & Michelle

For more information, contact Charlie via an email sent to CLL2001 at GMAIL dot com.