In January we need cupcakes to start out the new year right. It's a fresh beginning, how could we have it without a cupcake.

In February there's Valentine's Day. Need we say more?

In March there's the first signs of spring in the northwest, so we MUST have cupcakes.

In April we have to deal with taxes. The least we can have for compensation is a cupcake.

In May there's Mother's Day. Would Starbucks withhold a cupcake from mom?

In June the kids get out of school. Cupcakes all around!!!

In July we celebrate freedom and independence. Put a candle on that cupcake.

In August we have to get ready to go back to school. A cupcake can soften the blow.

In September we celebrate labor. I bet it keeps a lot of people working to make those cupcakes.

In October there's Halloween -- chocolate cupcakes are great for that.

In November we vote for CUPCAKES ALL YEAR AROUND!

In December we're wrapping up the year and getting ready for the next. Wouldn't a cupcake just about sum it up?

Do your part here to support the "We Want Our Starbucks Cupcakes All Year Around" Movement.

For more information, contact Charlie via an email sent to CLL2001 at GMAIL dot com.